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Sail from the peninsula to the Balearics Islands

It’s the great novelty for the Recreation Boats Practices and the most anticipated. Those people with the RBP title may increase their powers up to 24 meters and may navigate between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. And without having to pass any exam, you will only have to practice a minimum of 24 hours without interruptions.


Regulatory navigation practices (for Balearic Island Certificate)

Regulatory navigation practices will provide those persons who already have the title of recreational craft skipper the complementary powers that will enable the government of recreational motor boats up to 24 meters in length (and sail in the case of having the authorization to sailing or to perform sailing practices) and that enable navigation between the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands (in addition to the distance of 12 miles from any coast and navigation between islands of the same archipelago).

Regulatory navigation practices will have a minimum duration of 24 hours, of which, at least 4 hours will be night navigation, will be done in a single session and on cruise route.

In order to obtain the sailing license, the regulatory navigation practices may be carried out jointly with the sailing regulations, in which case, the total count of hours of practice may not be less than 48 hours, being in this case at least 8 hours of night navigation. The joint accomplishment of the regulatory practices of navigation with the regulatory practices of navigation to sail, will be realized in a unique session in regimen of crossing.


Balearic Island Certificate

Practical of Balearic Island Certificate in 24h navigation.

Practical qualification to Balearic Islands + Sail in navigation 48h (go to the Balearic Islands and return)

It will also be possible to validate this qualification in crossings of more than 2 days, always with an skipper and approved boat for practices.


Balearic Island Certificate

Internship 24h € 295(VAT included)

Internship 48h 490€ (VAT Included)


  • Sail to the Balearic Islands
  • Boats up to 24m
  • Exceeds the 12 miles
  • The 48h practices include sailing practices


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